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FEATURE BOOKS:                                      

Innovations in Narrative Therapy: Connecting practice, training, and research

Jim Duvall (Author, Hincks-Dellcrest Institute), Laura Béres (Author, Kings University College)

Presenting a compelling evidence base for narrative therapy. Narrative therapy introduces the idea that our lives are made up of multiple events that can be strung together in many possible stories. Replete with case examples from clinical practice, this is the first book about narrative therapy that interweaves practice, training, and research.

Masters of Narrative and Collaborative Therapies:

The voices of Andersen, Anderson,and White

Editors: Tapio Malinen, Scot J. Cooper, Frank N. Thomas

Tom Andersen, Harlene Anderson, and Michael White have shaped the landscapes of dialogical, collaborative, and narrative therapies. All three share a common curiosity for meaning making as a relational process, a curiosity that emerges from their transcripts and allows us a glimpse into their wisdom, compassion, and skill. Contexualized by editors and contributors, readers can experience how many ideas and practices, which we take for granted, are challenged by a more relational framework.